We are one of the nation’s top equipment lender s and our customized term and payment options match your business’s cash-flow cycle. Our innovative loan portal and live personal support enable us to issue financing approvals in hours, and fund in less than a day.

Most equipment and businesses are eligible, and you can count on the most competitive terms and a tailored equipment financing structure that works for you.


 ​​$5,000 to $5 ​Million
  Custom Payment Options
 ​Competitive Pricing
 ​U p to 10-Year Terms
 ​Dealer & Private Party Sales
 ​Nationwide Financing
 ​0% Down on Purchases
 St​artup Terms Available 
 NSame-Day Funding Available
 NEW and USED Equipment

We offer multiple financing options for businesses including Term Loans, SBA Loans, Advances, Credit Lines, and more! We can even consider borrowers turned down by other lenders due to low credit or other financing barriers.

Funds can be used for most business purposes such as to buy equipment or inventory, for working capital, or to consolidate debt or merchant cash advances.

 ​ $1,000 to $500,000+
 ​ No Min. Credit Score
 ​ Competitive Financing Rates
  No Collateral Required
 Streamlined Underwriting
  No Min. Time in Business
No Min. Revenue Required
Most Business Types Eligible
 Same Day Funding


Are you seeking flexible access to capital, where you pay only for the funds you need? A revolving business line of credit operates like a credit card, usually offering a higher credit limit and lower interest rate, and you pay interest and fees solely on the funds you utilize. 

You can pay off your balance at any time without incurring penalties and repeatedly draw funds for expansion, emergencies, or any unforeseen business expenses-—all through a convenient online portal.

$1,000 to $500,000+
Low Interest Rates
No Min. Credit Score
Up to 36-Month Terms
Streamlined Underwriting
6+ Months Time in Business
No Collateral Required
Most Business Types Eligible
Nationwide Financing
Same-Day Funding Available


Business owners can access flexible Conventional Loans or preferred  SBA Financing  for a variety of business purposes such as to purchase or construct commercial real estate, buy or start a business, for large amounts of working capital, to open a new location, or to consolidate debt or merchant cash advances. 

We can even consider borrowers turned down by other lenders due to credit issues, limited collateral, or other financing barriers.

 $250,000 to $15 Million
 Nationwide Financing
650 Credit Score Min.
Competitive Interest Rates
  Monthly Loan Payments
 Most Businesses Eligible 

5- to 25-Year Loan Terms
No Prepay Penalty Options
Expedited Funding Available


SouthEnd Capital FAQs 

Is SEC a lender or a broker?

SEC is a division of Stearns Bank, NA, a $2.2 billion national financial institution. As such, SEC is an approved direct commercial real estate lender, investment residential lender, business lender, SBA lender, USDA lender, and equipment financing lender. SEC also administers a cutting-edge, technology-based intermediary loan marketplace that facilitates the placement of loans SEC cannot fund in-house, through a strategic network of lending partners. SEC lends in all 50 States plus Washington, DC.  

What documents are required to close a loan with SEC?

The documentation required will vary depending on the financing type.

Equipment Financing less than $150K (and up to $350K in some cases) requires only:

▶ A completed verbal or 1-page application for approval, and a few basic items to fund (this is why we can fund in as little as 82 minutes!)

Larger financings up to $5M+ may require additional documentation such as tax returns and financials.

SBA, USDA, and Conventional business and real estate financing may require the following documentation (the below list may not be all inclusive and/or may not be applicable to your request). Don’t worry, we’re here the entire way to make the process streamlined and stress-free, and we utilize automation and DocuSign whenever possible:

▶ Personal Financial Statement

▶ Last 1 to 3 Years Business and Personal Tax Returns

▶ Business Debt Schedule (if applicable)

▶ Borrower and Individual Certification Forms (if applicable)

▶ YTD P & L and Balance Sheet

▶ Projections (if a start-up business or construction loan)

▶ Seller Tax Returns & Financials (if purchasing a business)

▶ Purchase Agreement (if purchasing real estate or a business)

▶ Construction Budget and/or Feasibility Study (if a construction or development request)

▶ Rent Roll & Operating Statement (if a cash-flowing investment property)

▶ Existing Appraisal or Environmental Reports (if applicable and available)

Documentation requirements for the participating lenders in our marketplace will vary by lender and transaction type. We only partner with the most technology-efficient lenders that have a track-record of performance. Many marketplace loans can fund with basic documentation in as fast as a few hours.

Does SEC charge upfront fees?

No. SEC charges no upfront or application fees. After a borrower signs and accepts a term sheet, he/she will be responsible for the payment any required due diligence fees (if applicable), such as an appraisal or environmental report fee.

What collateral will SEC lend against?

We have been providing our services to clients across the country since 1998. Our experience and track record make us an invaluable resource to our clients. Our financing experts take the time to understand the individual needs of every client, and to support and service those needs with a solution that aligns with their overall goals. Regardless of your situation, chances are we’ve worked with others just like you.